Friday, January 30, 2009

What things make you belief in this method of curing?

Three terminally ill cancer patients were taken for case study:

This method was tested on cancer patients in hospice. Experiments on these patients were performed. Chanting of 45th Shloka for 15 mins. to 30 mins. was done with them.

1st Case Study:

Patients’ Name : Mr. Pandurang Krishna Kongare, 42 years.
- 100% faith in curing system.
22nd Jan. 1997 : I saw him playing synthesizer.
23rd Jan. 1997 : He was told about healing procedure.
24th Jan. 1997 : Holy water of Maha Mratuinjay Vidhan was sprinkled. Lavang (clove) was given.
Chanting of 45th Shloka.
Mr. Pandurang, Sarpanch, Vani Village, (Maharashtra, India) was in the last stage of oral cancer; convulsions had started which signifies that cancer has reached brain. The Administrator, Ms. Marukh and Gimmi Rana Sir, Managing Trustee of Snehachal hospice (which says we cannot cure you, but certainly can take care of you.) informed me that it is matter of hours, the patient will not survive. This they told from their experience of so many cases. He said that, Mrs. Jain, we do not want to discourage your therapy but it is our moral duty to make you aware of the condition of the patient. He told me that you be positive in your spiritual healing process.

I started putting holy water of this Yantra No. 45 on his head and started chanting 45th Verse, which he started playing on Synthesizer. His wife was auspicious lady. She started reciting 45th Mantra 108 times a day. Slowly his health started improving.

Two days before it was heard that he was restless due to unbearable pain, but the very next day by chanting the Mantra; either his ability to tolerate pain had increased or the unbearable pain had decreased. Some magic happened. Within few days the atmosphere of hospice had become positive. All patients were waiting eagerly for the holy water and listening to chanting of Mantras.

Healing was quick and Mr. Pandurang wanted to go back to his village, Vani (Maharashtra, India) to meet his children. Although administrator, Ms. Marukh was a bit scared that he might collapse on way to Vani, six hours journey from Nagpur. On way to his village, we showed him to his old oncologists in Sevagram Medical College, Wardha the Doctors were surprised to see him still alive. They saw his wound which had recovered.
I was continuously thinking & praying for these three cases for healing through meditation.

On 7th March 2007, he was in a better condition. We took him to his village.
Times of India, leading daily newspaper covered his news on 24th January 2007 when Maha Mratuinjay Vidhan was taking place in Temple. This patient survived for more than 2 months whom doctor said that it is a matter of hours.

2nd Case Study:

Patients’ Name : Mr. Dinesh Rangilal Uikey, 35 years
- 50% faith in curing system.
He was prepared to die, was teaching his wife how to survive without him and take care of children.
22nd Jan. 1997 : Explained to him to start thinking of living
23rd Jan. 1997 : Gave him healing touch and holy water.
Chanting of 45th Shloka was done. All arrangements were made for the livelihood of his family and he was told to concentrate on Mantra & Verse. He again lived was two months; however the records of the hospice shows, 99% patients survived maximum for a week. His mental attitude was changed and became happy.

3rd Case Study: Prolonged case of Psoriasis

- 100% faith in curing system
Mrs. Nina Jaiswani, Nagpur a woman of 50 years suffering from terrible skin disease which could not be cured for last 12 years. There were patches on her hand, leg, stomach & back, even her head is full of this fungal infection which keeps on peeling off. The patches are erosions and there is high inflammation and irritability on the affected area. Though the disease is not contagious still at times blood oozes through these wounds spread on skin. All the medicines have been tried on her for last twelve years. Best of Allopathic doctor give his treatment for years. No improvement. She was treated with homeopathic medicine for prolonged period but there was no relief.

Ms. Nina Jaiswani was brought to my place. For seven days, we did Bhaktamar Vidhan, abhishek on yantra and one time meal without salt. The effect of Bhaktamar chanting was miraculous. Her skin started rejuvenating and within span of three months, her hands, legs, back, stomach and head has been cured of all the erosion and normal skin has grown. She says that she keeps on chanting mantra wherever, whenever possible.

Dr. Bipin Mehta, winner of Best Citizen of India – 2007 Award by International Publishing House, The worlds most leading biographical specialist does here by proclaim. “For his involvement of more that 2 ½ decades and astounding degree of academic proficiency, clinical precision and specific interest in treating Lucoderma, Psoriasis, Leprosy, Allergic skin diseases, pimples & HIV/AIDS which enable him to run his Skin Clinic efficiently, providing facilities like PUVA Therapy, Narrow band UVB for Lucoderma, Psoriasis, etc. Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy, Path Test- Contact Dermatitis, Microdermabrasion – Acne/Scars and Radio surgery, etc.” Mr. Bipin Mehta did M.D. (Dermatology) D.V. & D., D.D.V. & FCPS (Skin VD). Skin Clinic.

Dr. Bipin Mehta has issued a certificate stating that she is cured by chanting of Bhaktamar Stotra and he said he had firm belief in this system and even asked for two Yantras of 45th Shlokas for his dear patients.

Each case study was done towards discovery which will save millions of lives; revolutionized chanting gave vast results in matters of cancer and found remedy in many cases.


Poonam Jain said...

I am amazed to know about the healing effects of Bhaktambar.We know to popularize to make people aware of the power in bhakatamber.

Manju jain said...

Thanks poonam for your support. for testimonials.

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Unknown said...

Which is sylables of mantra and riddhi in this, i am not able to understand as you have advised it in all most all problems .. Please guide

Unknown said...

Which is sylables of mantra and riddhi in this, i am not able to understand as you have advised it in all most all problems .. Please guide

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Thank u mam for ur useful blog about bhakthamara.
I chant bhakthamara sthothra but I didn't hear about riddhi , Shall we must chant riddhi mam?
Where do we get ridhhi mam?

Unknown said...

Thank u, I get to know about bhaktamar from 1 of my FB friend,and litterly I m amazed, ma'am some1 very close to me is suffering from life threatening disease can you please guide us

Manju jain said...

Just try it and see how these audios bring results

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