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Jainism Method of Curing

  • Bhaktamar is the most powerful tool of Jainism.
  • It has solutions to all problems faced by human beings.
  • If chanted methodically and with full belief.

    Prof. Herman Jacobi (Dr.Phil.) from Germany had quoted in 1875, “Among the almost numberless productions of the ecclesiastical muse Manatungas Bhaktamar Stotra has held during many centuries, the foremost rank by the unanimous consent of the Jainas. And it fully deserves its great popularity by its religious pathos and the beauty of diction. Acharya Manatunga writes in the flowery style of classical Sanskrit poetry. Besides being a work of devotion, the Bhaktamar Stotra has also the character of a prayer for help in the dangers and trials under which men suffer. It is the perhaps this particular trait which greatly endeared the Bhaktamar Stotra to the Heart of faithful”.

    This was told to me by a German, a research scholar of Jainism. His subject for research was ‘Bhaktamar’. He was well acquainted with this method of Curing. I thought that when a German Prof. Herman Jacobi can come to India in 1875, learn Sanskrit and translate Bhaktamar Stotra from Sanskrit in to German Language, why not me, so I got this Stotra translated from Sanskrit to French by Professor O. P. Verma (Retired head of Ancient Indian History Culture and Archeology) teaching French language in University. Professor O. P. Verma translated Bhaktamar Stotra, its Shlokas (Verses) its Mantra, Yantra, Riddhi and meaning along with evidential story of each verse in French for proving its significance. The method has also been provided. This translation took more than a year and it brought an inner development in Professor himself as told by
    Mr. O. P. Verma.

Who is Jain?
Technically the term Jina, a perfect human being who has conquered the world and attained liberation has given rise to Jina. Thus Jain is derived from Jina. Here the world denotes the cycle of transmigration of soul in birth-death-birth cycle and associated pains. He attains liberation by conquering his sensual pleasures, expectations and invokes the full power of his soul that is infinite knowledge, bliss and energy to enjoy these forever. A Jain is a one who follows the way of life and path of spiritual purification as propagated by him. Thus we see that Jain doctrine is based on the concept of realizing the full potential of ones soul to achieve lasting peace in this and future lives. Jain doctrine talks on non violence, self restraint and austerities/ penance to achieve these objectives both in our existence in this world and at spiritual purification levels.


Lord Mahavira rejuvenated the ancient principles of Jainism in Eastern India some 2600 years ago.
Jainism is an independent religion belonging to the Shramanika tradition in India. Buddhism also belongs to this tradition. Jains claim their religion the eternal. History says Jainism existed 4000 years ago. The antiquity of Jainism could be judged from the History book “India in Greece” by POCCOKE where in it is mentioned that the Jaina doctrines were in existence in primitive Greece i.e. roughly about 10000-12000 years before Christ (B.C.)

Name of Organisation: Spiritual Healing
“Where faith in God is essential element”
Site/Location of Activity: Jains, 5C, New Colony, Nagpur.
Telephone: 2590406, 2590411
Mobile: 9822369419
Fax: (07104)-237613
Name of C.E.O.: Mrs. Manju Jain
Designation of C.E.O.: Counsellor
(a) Curing of disease through spiritual healing.
(b) Decrease of stress level by chanting
(c) Attainment of peace by meditation

Other Application of Divine Energy:-

  1. Energizing object.
  2. Induction of faster growth in plants
  3. Cleansing of atmosphere.
  4. Temporarily increasing the strength and ability of sportsman.
  5. Making a safe journey.
  6. Stopping instantaneously the attack of charging animal.
  7. Effect self exists in everyone, no matter how deeply it may be covered by greed and anger or by his own deeds and when all negative energy is removed – sooner or later Divine Energy will reappear which will weaker and destroy passionate activities & bring peace.
  8. Mass Healing in a Hall.

Process of Spiritual Healing:


Qualification for receiving the Divine Energy Firm faith in God is MUST.

  • Right Faith – Right faith is having belief in pure and perfect soul.
  • Right knowledge – To know the real nature of ones soul is right knowledge.
  • Right knowledge should be free from doubt and indefiniteness.
  • Right knowledge reveals the nature of things exactly as they are and with certainty.

Right knowledge is considered perfect when it does not suffer from any wrong belief. Because wrong belief perverts both understanding and attitude.
Although Right Faith and Right Knowledge occur simultaneously as

Lamp & its Light.
But Right Knowledge is the Effect
And Right Faith is the Cause.

II. Affirmation for Receptivity – Self healing acceptance.

III. Invocation by Healer – I am not the body, nor though or emotion. God you are the only one who can cure me. Thinking that this body is only suffering and not the soul.



i. Chanting of 45th Shlokas with body, heart & soul.
ii. Concentration on 45th Yantra.
iii. Sprinkling of holy water of Yantra on the forehead and eyes after doing Abhishek (bath) of

iv. Reciting 45th Mantra 108 times daily with clove or oblibinum.
v. Organising a Vidhan on 7th or 21st day by reading all 48 Verses, Mantras and Ridhhi.

a. Plain rice grains as well as rice grains coated with sandalwood paste knows as ‘Akshat’ and ‘Pusp’ respectively.
b. Small square pieces of dry coconut and same pieces coated with sandalwood paste (‘Naivedhya’ & ‘Deep’)
c. Dhoop/oblibanum or clove to be sprinkled on heated coal or on ignited wood so that fragrance or aroma is spread in the atmosphere.
d. Lighting of Lamp – Offering hymns to Lord by singing and rotating lamp.
e. Offering dry fruits like Almond, Cashew, dry dates, pistachio, etc.

In Extra ordinary circumstances,

Where due to severance of disease it is very difficult for patient to move
a. The verses can be chanted on bed without having bath.
b. The holy water can be sprinkled on patient without having bath or after sponging.
c. Terminally ill patients should recite 45th Shlokas only with heart & soul.
d. Due to lace of time – instead of reciting 108 times Mantras – the patient can recite 9 times or 27 times the Mantras of particulars Shloka. But reciting of mantras should be with full faith.
e. A relative or spouse of patient can also chant the verses or recite mantra if the patient is unable to do so. While performing all this activities full faith in Lord is must for healing.

Spiritual Healing to be more effective:

  • Worship of Lord
  • Worship of Preceptor
  • Study of Scriptures
  • Practice of Self Control
  • Practice of simplicity & clarity

Spiritual Healer should restrain himself from following is possible for better results:

  • Use of Alcoholic drinks
  • Use of Non vegetarian

Supportive Process:

Enquiry handling process by telephone, e-mail or fax.

The visitors of site on search engine Goggle can contact us and on e-mail:

Enquiries through e-mail, telephone or fax can be answered, giving them appointment for a date in future after getting their Biodata and the problems or ailments suffered by them or their relatives. The frequency of occurrence or the period from which the disease started has to be ascertained. Important questions to be answered by applicant are, do they have faith in God and do they believe that God can cure them. If yes, then they will be selected for the spiritual healing procedure.

These enquiries will be answered and the date of the Calmness Camp will be informed to the candidate directly or through a campaign in media.

Enquiry Form Questionnaire:

Address :
Phone No. : Mobile No. :
Age : Sex:
Disease :
Period of start of disease:
Intensity of stress:
Stage of depression:

These forms can be collected through e-mail or fax and can be filed in a "BIODATA ESSENCE (FILE)"

Appeals with spiritual healing process could be sent to International School for Jain Studies, New Delhi and USA requesting Scholars & professionals abroad to enroll in summer semester in a seminar of spiritual Healing. The above appeal will only provide guidelines, actual distribution of course material “Providing Spiritual Healing Services through use of Bhaktamar Methodology” will be provided to candidates enrolled as Trainers.

Information provided by students and professionals will the filed in "TRAINERS PRE-REQUISITES (FILE)"

After analysis of the information collected, suggestive healing process will be prearranged.

Students & Professionals can be trained for providing Spiritual Healing Services through use of Bhaktamar Methodology.

Duration of Course : 21 days for patients
Short or Brief Course : 7 days for Stress & Depression
Train the Trainer Program : 2-3 days

The Action Plan : We start the training process.

  • Collect mailing list of students from Universities.
  • Send invitations to service organizations.
  • Send invitations to professionals teaching in Universities.

The Training Process:

Guidelines for organizing training programme in most effective manner.

a. Venue arrangements
Select and book the venue in advance.
b. Computer/Video/OHP/LCD projectors to be kept ready.
c. Bhaktamar Song Cassette or CD, background music for meditaion.
d. Fix the sound & light system, mikes, etc.
e. Decorate Venue with Yantra and Photographs of each Shloka of Bhaktamar.

f. Keep a write up of Spiritual Healing Process both in English & French and
distribute during the ceremony.


1. Prayer to God for Specific Cause.
2. Aim and Objective - Scope of this organization.
3. Brief of the Spiritual Healing Process.
4. Chanting of Bhaktamar Shlokas.
5. Reciting of Mantras.
6. An audio visual (Computer/OHP) presentation .
7. Certificate issued to trainers with correct name and initials in bold letters.
8. Inform them that floor is open for questions.
9. Answer questions on activities mentioned in brief.
10. Make a report of the training program.
11. Maintain a scrap book of feedback of this program.
- Self improvement analysis.

Bhaktamar awareness program: - Bhaktamar Darshan:

Bhakamar counseling week for patients with the help of professional counsellors.

Bhaktamar Logo – Acharya Manatungaji with chains broken in jail by chanting Bhaktamar Stotra.

Spiritual Healing Process awareness with your local hospitals and Service Organizations.

Choose a patient wherever possible, do not hesitate, and just try! There are several Service Organisations with whom you can have a tie up for this Service Provision.


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